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2014 MURAN Contest: Send Yerrr Ideas Our Way!


Ever map out a clever idea and just wish you had the money to make it a reality?

That’s what the DENSO MURAN Contest is all about – letting your ideas take off! The word “MURAN” comes from two Japanese words – “dream” and “egg.” The egg symbolizes the conception of a new idea, eventual growth and development of that idea.

If your idea is selected among the finalists, DNJP will provide funds for you to create your project and bring it to life! Plus, you’ll get an all-expense paid trip to DNJP to show your invention to the judges and more than 25,000 other inventors, DENSO associates, media and visitors. Winners in different categories are selected to win a nice treasure of cash ranging from approximately $3,000 to $10,000!

All Aboard Need to Fill out an Application 

The contest is open to all DENSO associates. Those interested need to submit a completed application electronically to Jeff White, Engineering Administration, by Wednesday, Jan. 30.

Finalists Weigh Anchor and Head to Japan!

The MURAN Committee will review all submissions and make a selection for the final competition by April 2014. Finalists are then challenged to turn their ideas into a reality and present to a panel of judges, Nov. 1 – 2, at DENSO Corporation in Japan (travel expenses paid by DENSO).

Who’s Sailed These Waters Before?

The MURAN Contest features everything from innovative chopsticks to water powered robots.

Last year, Brian Nolen, general manager of Quality Engineering at DENSO Manufacturing Athens Tennessee, represented North America in the finals last year, showing off his Ping Pong Trainer invention. Check it out in the video below!

If you’ve been toying around with an idea, now’s your chance to do something about it – submit it in this year’s MURAN Contest!  


For more info, contact Jeff White for more info at ext. 8729, or visit  

Jump aboard and let your ideas take sail!