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Business Case Development Contest: Watch It Live on Feb. 22


Next week, Sales and Marketing associates will present on how they took a unique approach to secure business or solve a problem.

Their presentations are part of the second annual Business Case Development (BCD) contest. The contest is an opportunity for DIAM Sales and Marketing associates with five years or less experience to showcase projects they’ve worked on over the past year, while competing for best overall presentation and insight into problem solving.

Come Watch
You’re invited to watch the presentations on Wednesday, Feb. 22 in DN1-101 (Tech Center Lecture Room). Presentations will start at 8:20am and will continue until 12:15pm. Each presentation will be 20 minutes long.

The contest winners will be announced at 1:45pm.

Presentation Schedule


The contestants will present to a panel of judges made up of senior management. Senior management will score each presenter based on their:

1. Overall presentation

2. Insight to problem solving (use of PDCA, 5W2H and more)

3. Presentation skills (audience engagement, audio/visuals, material clarity)