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No Buddy Left Behind

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We’re actively recruiting new hires – especially with college seniors getting ready to graduate. With a flow of new associates coming in, we want to make sure our Buddy Program has buddies ready and waiting to get paired with a new hire!

No buddy should be left behind, so we’re calling on you to sign up for the Buddy Program.

About the Buddy Program

DENSO’s Buddy Program is one of the ways we help new hires successfully transition into DENSO. In the program, new hires are paired with a buddy. All buddies are regular full-time or part-time associates who have been at DENSO for at least six months.

Once a buddy is assigned to their new hire, they reach out
to them to provide support and a familiar face.

Buddies in the program help new hires:

  1. Successfully transition into DIAM
  2. Feel more comfortable with our company
  3. Want to stay and grow at DIAM!

For more details on the Buddy role you’d play, click here!

To become a buddy, you just need to:

  1. Be a regular full-time or part-time associate who’s been at DENSO for at least six months.
  2. Signup today and complete the short tutorial using the Buddy Database on the Exchange > Popular Links > Training & Development.