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Who’s In The Spotlight Today?

Spotlight Feature Image

Michael is! Sarah used DENSO Spotlight to recognize Michael for great execution:

 What’s DENSO Spotlight?

DENSO Spotlight is DIAM’s new online and mobile recognition tool. With it, you can applaud your co-workers’ hard work and help motivate them to achieve even more success at DENSO.

Points & Rewards

You can earn recognition points that are attached to awards and redeem them for various gifts cards and merchandise!

How To Get Started

Here’s how you can log-in:  

  • Launch in Internet Explorer
  • Log-in with your network username (dsXXXXXXXX) and network password
  • Start sending recognition!

If you’d like to use a different browser, or launch the mobile phone app, please read the instructions attached below – the log-in is slightly different!)

SpotLight Guide_How to Log-in

Need Help Selecting An Award For A Co-Worker?

Click here to learn more about the different award levels and how to select the right one.